Creating Pathways through mentoring and sponsorship was conceived in 2014, and is considered the first initiative of its kind in the profession for Black lawyers working in private practice and in-house. In response to research studies that demonstrated that Black lawyers were likely to suffer higher attrition rates than their non-Black colleagues, the programme was designed in order to develop and promote cross-firm mentoring relationships between senior and mid-level Black and minority ethnic (BME) lawyers both in private practice and in-house as a meaningful way in which to address this concern.  Read more... 

Programme Timeline:

  • 6pm on 22nd November 2023: Deadline for submitting applications to the Programme
  • End of November 2023: Successful mentee applicants to the Programme will be notified

Creating Pathways is an initiative of:

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Shearman & Sterling

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Mentee Testimonials


Creating Pathways was a really good and timely opportunity for me. It seemed that the team really took the time to read and understand my application and my needs because my mentor was the perfect match for me and we clicked right from the beginning. Due to Covid-19, I did not actually get to meet my mentor in person but we still managed to have catch-ups over the phone which were always super helpful and always left me with some food for thought. Fortunately for me, my mentor was interested in continuing the relationship despite the end of the programme which I am really grateful for because as a junior lawyer trying to navigate the legal industry I think it is really important to have someone that you can bounce queries and ideas off of. We were able to discuss things about my career and career progression in a very open and transparent manner in a way that would have been difficult to do with someone within my organisation and my mentor also provided tips on how to make the most of the opportunities that were presented to me. I would really recommend the programme to people as it is nothing short of being useful. 


Yemi Adekoya, Associate, Clifford Chance


“Taking part in the Creating Pathways programme provided me with an opportunity to evaluate my career, with the support of an incredible mentor. My mentor worked with me to create an action plan and equipped me with the tools/confidence I needed to follow through on the action plan. With the guidance and support of my mentor, (i) I was selected to join the RISE Programme, an annual career programme aimed at supporting mid-career women to strategically manage their careers, and (ii) promoted as the Data Protection Lawyer Lead for the UK Territory.  I would recommend the Creating Pathways programme to anyone that is in a bit of a career rut and is interested in moving their career forward." 


Catherine Mwase, Data Protection Lawyer Lead, BNP Paribas


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